White girls are absolutely vile. These jealous white girls are mad because FKA Twigs is a goddess, and they’ll always be expired jars of mayonnaise. Stay mad. 

this is why we don’t bang with y’all man.


J. Cole respected my music when I first put out the Kendrick Lamar EP. Before I put that out, nahmean? That’s what crazy, ‘cause a lot of people are like, “Aw, J. Cole fucking with you now ‘cause of Dre.” Nah, that’s been my dude. I’ve been going back and forth over the phone, and texting, before a lot of muhfuckers even knew who I was from the jump. When I was begging internet sites and blogs to put my music up, he respected me lyrically and as a man period. So I’ll never forget that from him. That’s always been my dude.
Kendrick Lamar (via you4eya)


1. Nod as you ask. Our brains have what are called ‘mirror neurons’ which activate to make us mimic other people’s actions. Sometimes they will also start to nod, which then makes them then agree with you.

2. If you have a big favor to ask, start by asking smaller ones ahead of time. This is…